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August Youth Blog

Part 3: Youth Blog This blog will briefly describe bird projects created at the Peaks Island Fiber Arts Camp. The Children’s book, ‘Birdology’ will also be reviewed. Peaks Island Fiber Arts Camp In one of its camps this year, the PI Fiber Arts Camp focused on Birds, Books, and Building. ‘Campers’ observed birds, studied bird guides, made representational drawings and paintings (including life size paintings such as this Black-capped Chickadee), and designed and made birdhouses for specific birds. (1) Book Review Birdology. By Monica Russo and Kevin Byron (Residents of Kennebunk). 2015. ‘Birdology’ nicely supplements and slightly parallels PI Fiber Arts Camp activities this summer – making bi

Bird Sightings - August 17-24

Part 2: Michael’s Report of Mid-August – August 17-24 As avian parental care in Casco Bay is nearing an end and fall migration is on a roll. Some of our summer residents have already left Casco Bay. Our summer residents, who have not yet taken the plunge, will eventually leave. Many migrants are just passing through going south while others stop here to join our year-round steadfast residents - to slug it out with us during fall and winter on Peaks Island. Weather affects bird migration. What about fog? What is ‘fall out’? Michael (1) was about to find out when he set out on a recent extremely foggy day in search of avian activity. Here is his account and below it, the results from his res

July 28, 30 and August 1, 2 Bird Sightings

Part 1: Casco Bay Boat Tours in search of birds (July 28, 30 and August 1, 2) As a change of pace, and only temporarily, we leave PI for the ‘other’ Casco Bay islands in search of birds. Transport is on a 12 foot-aluminum boat named “Sea Parrot II”, captained by Sam. We note the arrival of early migrants and new tidbits of avian behavior. We see better views of many species still nurturing their young. We guide you with a map for each day. July 28 (Boat Ride and Map 1): The maiden voyage started in (a) Diamond Passage. Venturing into the Atlantic Ocean, we pass Pumpkin Knob, to the jagged rocks off (b) Long Island’s Jerry Point and Overset Island. There we find Double-crested Cormorants dry

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