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April 17-23 Sightings

Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring – and with all of its beauty and intensity, is the backdrop for this blog. Wharf Cove is teaming with life and competition for it. Have you seen the commotion? As Kathy observed and commented – “The gulls and eiders are vying for food.” What food? Seaweed flies and their larvae: Three Seaweed Fly Larvae Photo © Patty Wainright The seagulls, eiders, swallows, and ducks are intoxicated with these delicacies. Perhaps we view fly larvae as un-palatable, but from their perspective, they are yummy, or if they cannot actually taste them (some bird species do not have taste buds [1]), they satisfy their hunger. And, the birds’ spring hormones are ON. Feeding fre

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