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Conserved land and trails

1. Battery Steele was the first property protected by the Peaks Island Land Preserve; its preservation prompted the creation of the organization. In 2005, Battery Steele was listed in the Historic Register.

2. Reservoir Road Property was contributed by Oceanside Conservation Trust, and is located adjacent to PILP's City Land property.


3. Sargent Road Property was contributed by Robert McIntyre.


4. Tolman Road Property was contributed by Robert McTigue in 1994.


5. Spruce Avenue Properties were contributed by Hannah Russel.


6. Elizabeth Street Property, contributed by John and Anne Whitman, provides a wooded respite within a residential area of the island.


7. Seashore Avenue Property was contributed by Guy Gannett Communications. Adjacent to the Battery Steele property, Seashore Avenue is bounded by wetlands and the ocean, and is a valuable bird habitat.


8. Ballfield Woods is a very special Peaks Island property, and contains within it several trails to the community ballfield. The Ballfield Woods was acquired through extensive membership fundraising.


9. Hundred Acre Wood is owned by the City of Portland and held in Conservation Easement by PILP. It consists of approximately 94 acres:

North of Brackett Street includes multiple trails.

South of Brackett forms a large, contiguous conserved area with Battery Steele and the Parker Preserve.

The Back Shore is one of PILP's most scenic properties. Extending for more than a mile and a half along the eastern side of Peaks Island, the backshore's rocky beaches and spectacular ocean views are enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

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10.  Skillings Woods and 11. Davies Sanctuary are owned by the Oceanside Conservation Trust and are held in Conservation Easement by the Peaks Island Land Preserve.


12. Parker Wildlife Preserve was contributed to the state of Maine by David and Vivian Parker and then transferred to PILP. Consisting of more than 3 square acres, the preserve includes a variety of habitats as well as several well-used trails, maintained by PILP volunteer land stewards.

13. Clark's Woods Conservation Easement  was donated by the Clark family in 2005. It consists of forest as well as wetland and provides important wildlife habitat.

14. The Ice Pond Property was purchased with the contributions of the Peaks Island community from the Bunton family in 2014. 100 years ago winter ice was harvested for use in the summer. The pond is a popular skating area in winter and with woods and wetland provides crucial habitat for migrating birds.

15. Frederick Street Another donation of the Bunton family, it is forest wildlife habitat.

16. Echo Pond This wonderful little pond, a favorite of Peepers in the Spring, expands the area of the Skillings Woods parcel.

Forever Wild...​

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