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Bird Nest Architecture and Art; and mid-March Bird Sightings

mp Warming and Victor Romanyshyn This blog is presented into two distinct parts: A. Bird Architecture: The Coevolutionary Aesthetics of Bird and Man – an exhibition curated by mp Warming that includes Victor Romanyshyn’s and mp’s exquisite art B. Mid-March Bird Sightings A. Bird Architecture: The Coevolutionary Aesthetics of Bird and Man Our Peaks Island artists - mp Warming (1) and Victor Romanyshyn (2) - present their elegant art at Yale University’s - The Institute Library (originally named The New Haven Young Men’s Institute – 1841). This oldest independent circulating library in CT was founded in 1826. The library is nestled in a lively neighborhood, including its neighbor – Tattoos - f

Spring ahead...

Red-winged Blackbird at Battery Steele Marsh “Spring always follows Winter” (1), and perhaps Spring is here! Michelle is witnessing it in her backyard: “A flock of Red-winged Blackbirds just arrived! For the first time this year, I'm seeing seven or eight hanging around my feeders this morning, and singing their own distinct songs. Yeah!” Others have noticed a new bird call – and it is the Red-winged Blackbird. With our summer residents returning to build their nests and to bring a new batch of youngsters to the island, we want to introduce a new book on the topic below. Following the review we include Michael’s February bird list – so we do not forget our winter residents who have struggl

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