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August Youth Blog

Part 3: Youth Blog

This blog will briefly describe bird projects created at the Peaks Island Fiber Arts Camp. The Children’s book, ‘Birdology’ will also be reviewed.

Peaks Island Fiber Arts Camp

In one of its camps this year, the PI Fiber Arts Camp focused on Birds, Books, and Building. ‘Campers’ observed birds, studied bird guides, made representational drawings and paintings (including life size paintings such as this Black-capped Chickadee), and designed and made birdhouses for specific birds. (1)

Book Review

Birdology. By Monica Russo and Kevin Byron (Residents of Kennebunk). 2015.

‘Birdology’ nicely supplements and slightly parallels PI Fiber Arts Camp activities this summer – making bird crafts and books. The colorful illustrations in this book attract the reader’s attention to its subject matter. It is a great primer (young and old) for any budding naturalist who wants to further understand the uniqueness of birds. The format includes nicely designed projects, simple explanation of terms, summary boxes, and nuggets of useful bird facts. Each project provides hands-on experience that is great for a classroom setting or at home (winter projects?). For example it encourages record keeping in a journal for identification: bird field marks, plumage colors, migration patterns, bird tracks, and songs. Useful bird facts include description of bird sanctuaries, bird-banding techniques, what foods attract backyard birds (i.e. cut oranges for orioles), description of laws and regulations designed to protect birds, their dinosaur family history, behavior, and more. The Peaks Island Library has a copy available.

Another book with the same name - for young adults and adults:

Birdology. By Sy Montgomery. 2000.


1. Peaks Island Fiber Arts Camp: Laura Glendening and Susan Hanley

Additional Information

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Contributors: Laura and PI Library

Photos © Laura Glendening

By Patty Wainright

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