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Peaks Fest - PILP Birds and Beavers Walk and the return of MIMIC volunteers.

© Curtis Rindlaub A damp and misty morning greets ten intrepid bird enthusiasts for Peaks Fest Bird and Beaver Walk. Aided by her two assistants – Butch Sullins and Sam Wainright - our island Wildlife Biologist, Michelle Brown, meets this group at the path connecting the Backshore and Battery Steele. Fog prevents sightings of our female Common Eiders with their brown and round young in tow. Female Common Eiders and young However, the Tree and Barn Swallows greet the birders as they traverse the boardwalk along Battery Steele marshes. As they weave their way along paths near Battery Steele warblers, a vireo, waxwings, sparrows and more are seen and heard. Butch discovers a hole in a tree with

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