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July 13-19 Bird Sightings

Snowy Egret at Woodcutter's Cove This blog is in four parts. First, 'hot-off the press' photos of a Black-billed Cuckoo that Butch discovered recently on Peaks Island - spotting and eating a caterpillar. Second, a description of several social interactions between parents and their young. Third, the results of a great bird walk that Michael initiated including a Bald Eagle sighting by Michelle’s dog, Sampson. Fourth, comments on where some of our winter resident birds and spring migrant birds nest further north. Part 1: Butch's Black-billed Cuckoo (BBCU) Photograph Series All BBCU photographs: Photo © David (Butch) Sullins BBCU looking for a caterpillar Caterpillar in its sights BBCU ready t

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