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Volunteer Stewardship


Peaks Island Land Preserve is fortunate to receive property management and monitoring assistance by a devoted team of Volunteer Stewards who have each adopted one of six of the PILP parcels as their own to overlook.   These Volunteer Stewards complete a formal field monitoring report, in May, at the beginning of the summer season, and then again in September, at the end of the summer season.   Recording the status of PILP properties before and after summer is particularly important given the increasing use of PILP lands for recreation from summer visitors and tourists.  

In between these formal monitoring efforts, our Volunteer Stewards check on their adopted parcels at least twice a month and inform the Volunteer Steward Coordinator, Board member Michelle Brown, of any concerns they may observe (such as yard waste, garbage dumping, fallen trees over trails, or other disturbances) and that may need to be addressed immediately for public safety and to maintain our properties in their current state representing the beauty of Peaks Island.

Several of our Volunteer Stewards have also taken up their own extra conservation projects such as creating 

PILP Volunteer Stewards at the Spring Picnic before the busy 2016 summer monitoring season begins. Photo ©Patty Wainwright

the Back Shore Bird Blog found on this website and photographically recording changes over time from a fixed site located on a frequently visited PILP property.   


Together, The PILP board members and the Volunteer Stewards are partnering to ensure that PILP lands remain open and engaging to all who would like to visit them.  The Board is very grateful for their assistance.

Forever Wild...​

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