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September 5-6 Bird Sightings; World Shorebird Weekend

Outer Green Island World Shorebird Day was September 6, and it was celebrated over the entire weekend (1). To honor the shorebirds we venture out to the outer islands in Casco Bay – hoping to catch a glimpse of them. Our first destination is Outer Green Island, usually visible from Peaks Island Backshore except when the fog rolls over it. In the winter it is covered in ice. From April 1 to September 1 it is green with little tents perched on it where National Audubon Society personnel set up camp to monitor and protect nesting water birds, and public visitation is prohibited. These birds include Arctic, Common, and Roseate Terns, Black Guillemots, and Common Eiders. (2) Is anyone curious abo

End of Summer PI Community Bird Report - Part 2

Merlin Photo © Glori Berry; Courtesy of Avian Haven, Freedom ME Eleanor presents here, her story about how a community worked together to save an injured falcon using proper capture and transport procedures and brought it to a licensed and highly qualified avian rehabilitation facility – Avian Haven in Freedom, Maine. Eleanor’s story: A pair of Merlins (a variety of falcon) moved this spring into a tree at 49 Pleasant Avenue (Ed and Elaine back yard). Neighbors often saw them this spring and early summer surveying their kingdom from the top of several tall trees in the neighborhood, occasionally with the remains of a songbird in a talon. One day

End of Summer PI Community Bird Reports - Part 2

Juvenile Cooper's Hawk a) Jody’s encounter with a raptor! Jody looks up from her work while on the porch - an unusual flutter catches her attention, or perhaps more of a flapping. Jody finds herself eye-to-eye with a hawk. Jody suspects the bird is thinking: " Hmmm – I don't think I could eat something this size". When Jody looks at it, she thinks: "Hmmm - I think maybe he could tear my face off with that beak if he were so inclined . . . ". Would it tear her to shreds – like her shreds of material with which she toils each day? No of course not. It looks naïve, so it must be harmless. That naïve look suggests to her that it is a juvenile hawk – a little confused, but keenly aware of her

Dolphin sighting

Atlantic White-sided Dolphins Photo © Butch Sullins 1. A nature news flash from Michelle and Butch. They left Peaks Island for a long sail the last of August and here is what they saw: "We saw a 4 Atlantic White-sided Dolphin pod with a baby - jumping beside its mother - at the mouth of Hussey Sound just as they were leaving Peaks behind. I was surprised to see them so close to land but it was a great sendoff to our sail." "We saw quite a few gannets fishing when we were sailing about 8 miles from the mainland plus several Atlantic white-sided dolphin pods when out there also." Gannet near Drunkers Ledge Photo © Butch Sullins Gannets near Cape Small Photo © Butch Sullins 2. On Natio

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