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March 24-26 Sightings

Spring always follows Winter* – A flock of Robins picking out little seaweed flies/larvae on the Wharf Cove shore is a sure sign that spring is nearly here. The Canada Geese are observed again in early March in the salty waters – Casco Bay and Diamond Passage. Michelle and Butch are questioning why these geese are here so early and why have they resorted to swimming in the Ocean. Perhaps they were here too early and all the lakes were still frozen? Herring Gull and Great Cormorant, Whale Rock As an infrequent winter visitor to the Backshore, the Great Cormorant was a treat to see basking on the end of Whale Rock, along side a full-mouthed Herring Gull. Perhaps this cormorant is heading to i

February-March Bald Eagle Sightings

Great Diamond Island Bald Eagle Photo © Jill Several individuals have reported sightings of Bald Eagles around Peaks Island, especially in the Evergreen area, so we think it would be informative to create a prologue to the March Bird Blog. Glancing over the snow-covered world outside my window in late February, I looked up and saw a large bird with a whitish rump fly over the evergreen trees. I did not consider that it was an eagle, because, I admit that, I was unaware that eagles might be here in February. Michelle and I also saw a large darkish bird in a clearing near Brackett Pond, but we were unable to verify if it was a large dark hawk or an immature eagle. We remained puzzled, as w

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