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Part 1: Selected August Bird Activities on Peaks Island

New Peaks Island Bird Watcher Photo © Michael LaCombe We see new young birders and new young birds on Peaks Island. Late-summer bird activities are not as obvious to us as they are in the spring when couples gear up to raise a brood - they sing their songs, they build nests. Toddlers are now grown, learning survival skills for when they no longer enjoy parental care. Each bird species has a different weaning strategy. Some species stay together as a family unit (e.g. some corvids) and even migrate together (e.g. sea ducks) but most family members go separate ways. Some migrate, disperse (e.g. Great Horned Owl), and some stay clos

Part 2: Shorebirds passing through Southern Maine and World Shorebird Day

Derek Lovitch, Pine Beach, Scarborough Marsh Photo © Sam Wainright To honor these long distance travelers, the shorebirds, and because September 6 is World Shorebird Day, this part of the blog will focus on the shorebirds we see on August 15 with Derek Lovitch, as our tour guide. We visit Biddeford Pool (Great Pond and Beach) and Scarborough Marsh, including Pine Point. In all we see 14 species of shorebirds. These birds are mostly adults, with the juveniles starting to arrive. What are their feeding habits, what habitats do they prefer while migrating, where are their breeding grounds, and where are they going? We see them for a tiny fraction o

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