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White-breasted Nuthatch Photo © Patty Wainright Great Backyard Bird Count Spotlight Species: Northern Saw-Whet Owl Spotlight Species: Northern Shrike 1. The Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) The 4 days of the GBBC (Feb 15-18) have come and gone. Ten avid Peaks Island bird watchers logged 13 bird counts with the GBBC, totaling 38 species and 656 individual birds. Ten counts were “stationary”, i.e., from a fixed location such as watching a bird feeder through a window, and 3 counts were made while “traveling”, i.e., the birder was on the move, either walking, driving, riding the ferry, etc. You can see all 13 counts, including who made them and what specie

Dec - Jan Bird Blog: Who's Counting?

Christmas Bird Count 2018 On December 15th a group of us, led by an accomplished birder, Dan Nickerson, identified bird species and counted them over an eight hour period on Peaks Island. Including birds seen in the Casco Bay Lines wharf area, and crossing the Bay to Peaks, we identified 56 separate species and counted 1183 birds (please see the Christmas Bird Count lists at 2018 Bird Lists). The endeavor is part of the annual Christmas Bird Count, and for Peaks, was a new high for a count that has been going on for years. A few of the more uncommon species we observed included the Horned Grebe, the Iceland Gull, the Razorbill, the Fox Sparrow, and the Red-shouldered Hawk. Horned Grebe

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