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Peaks Island Elementary School Bird Class

Karen Peterson and Ms. Nicola Donatelli organized a special bird course for the Peaks Island Elementary School. They included Michelle Brown as their advisor and helper. Ms. Nicola Donatelle’s Statement: Grade 4/5 students at the Peaks Island Elementary School are studying about the birds of Peaks Island. The research will include ecology, resident bird populations, and migratory birds as well as how to identify birds by sight and by sound. On May 20th, students were awake with the birds and were led on an "early bird" field trip tour at Battery Steele by Peaks Island resident and birder, Michelle Brown. Birds were observed in the marsh, over the ocean, and in the forest near Battery Steele:

May 1-6 Bird Sightings

Did we get your attention? Yes, you are seeing the Snowy Owl in the May Bird Blog. And, no, winter has not returned. This photograph taken by Peter on December 14, 2014 confirms that the Snowy Owl was here on Peaks Island. We feel it is worthy of acknowledgement in the May Blog – as a happy reminder that not all winter events are forgotten even though spring is here. Snow Owl Battery Steele Photo © Peter Eckel The Backshore bird frenzies have simmered down since the end of April. Instead of eagerly searching and trying to impress a potential mate, those birds that have found a partner are beginning to know one another. Male and Female Common Eiders Great Black-backed Gull Pair Herring and

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