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Photo by Curtis Rindlaub

Peaks Island Land Preserve


Peaks Island is small:  720 acres, barely a square mile.  A visitor in 1975 could have walked a mile along the back shore or through the woods without seeing any houses.  In recent years, our population has significantly increased and real estate development has dramatically changed the character of the island. Peaks Island Land Preserve protects the island’s natural areas and special places for the enjoyment of present and future generations.


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Your Membership Matters

The Peaks Island Land Preserve is an all-volunteer non-profit organization. Our Stewards, legal advisor, and Board members all give their time because they feel Peaks' natural areas are what make our island special and are worth caring for. PILP survives financially solely on the annual dues of our members and the gifts and donations of our generous community. Please consider joining us, or contributing to help us with our work, and click the button below.

PILP GROW ZONE (August 2020)

You may have noticed some flags marking an area below the Ice Pond dam. It's a No-Mow Grow Zone. Volunteer Elizabeth Walworth is working with the Peaks Island Land Preserve on a wildflower and pollinator-friendly planting plan that will make the area more attractive to butterflies, bees and birds. We’ll keep you posted as the project moves along. If you see Liz working there, say hello.

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