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Dolphin sighting

Atlantic White-sided Dolphins Photo © Butch Sullins

1. A nature news flash from Michelle and Butch.

They left Peaks Island for a long sail the last of August and here is what they saw:

"We saw a 4 Atlantic White-sided Dolphin pod with a baby - jumping beside its mother - at the mouth of Hussey Sound just as they were leaving Peaks behind. I was surprised to see them so close to land but it was a great sendoff to our sail."

"We saw quite a few gannets fishing when we were sailing about 8 miles from the mainland plus several Atlantic white-sided dolphin pods when out there also."

Gannet near Drunkers Ledge Photo © Butch Sullins

Gannets near Cape Small Photo © Butch Sullins

2. On National Public Radio on September 3, 2015 - Morning Edition - Special Series: Close Listening: Decoding Nature Through Sound.

If you are interested in bird vocalizations, and how birds and mammals actually communicate, and using Robo-hawks and Robo-owls to better understand how it all works, please listen this this segment:

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