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Gifts of Land...

Land owners may donate property in order to protect natural resources and preserve the beauty and values of the community. Because we are a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization,donors may receive tax benefits from their donation of land.

Properties in varied settings have been donated, including lots down-front, wooded lots on paper streets as well as back-shore land.

Gifts of Conservation Easements...​

​​People who wish to retain ownership of their land may give PILP a conservation easement. By granting the easement, owners are assured their land will remain forever free from development. Owners may sell the property, but the easement continues to protect the land. Donors of conservation easements may receive an income tax deduction and also a reduction of property

Our largest conservation easement is on a 100-acre tract of woods and wetlands owned by the City of Portland. After a year-long effort by our members, in 2000, the City Council voted to preserve this land from development by entrusting it to the Land Preserve.

Gifts of Money...​​

Membership dues and additional contributions fund the majority of our activities. Bequests and memorial gifts are also gratefully accepted. We began in 1994 as a grass-roots campaign, raising $70,000 to buy the 14-acre Battery Steele property, preserving it forever as a recreational and historical site. In 2001 and again in 2002, with generous support from committed neighbors,
we purchased two wooded parcels adjacent to the ball field, helping to preserve the character of this unique space on Peaks Island. In 2005, the State of Maine transferred to PILP approximately 25
acres, now known as the Parker Wildlife Preserve. This land includes a large part of the Indian Trail.


​We depend on an ever growing list of volunteers for fund-raising, organizing, monitoring and stewardship of properties and providing information about additional properties suitable for preservation. By volunteering, you can make a difference. Help preserve Peaks Island.

How can I do more...​​

​Watch for notices in the Star, the Island Times, and other local publications.
E-mail us at:

How does PILP preserve land?

Forever Wild...​

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