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Forever Wild...​

Donating land outright to

the Peaks Island Land Preserve

An outright donation of land for conservation is a meaningful way to ensure that future generations will enjoy the parts of Peaks Island that you have cherished.

An outright donation to the Peaks Island Land Preserve, a tax-exempt non-profit qualified conservation organization, is a simple transaction. It is the method that provides the maximum possible income and estate tax benefits and fully transfers ownership and management responsibilities.

Donating land may be attractive to landowners who:

1. Own property they no longer use
2. Own highly appreciated property, the sale of which would result in a high capital gains tax
3. Have substantial real estate holdings and wish to reduce their estate tax burden
4. Have heirs who might not protect the land's conservation values
5. Who recognize that greater expertise is needed to protect and manage the land.

If it is the donor's intention that the land never be developed, PILP will place a permanent Conservation Easement on the parcel (which easement will be held by a cooperating land trust such as Oceanside Conservation Trust of Casco Bay) in order to create a legal guarantee that this wish will be honored forever.

For more information about donating land, or to discuss whether the Peaks Island Land Preserve would be the best group to which you might donate land, feel free to contact a
board member, or come to one of our monthly board meetings.

Prepared with assistance from the Maine Coast Heritage Trust

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