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Peaks Island is small:  720 acres, barely a square mile.  A visitor in 1975 could have walked a mile along the back shore or through the woods without seeing any houses.  In recent years, our population has significantly increased and real estate development has dramatically changed the character of the island. Peaks Island Land Preserve protects the island’s natural areas and special places for the enjoyment of present and future generations.


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You've saved the Ice Pond!


A sunny Saturday in January was the perfect day to celebrate the Closing of the sale of the Ice Pond to the Land Preserve. Cookies and hot cocoa, shovelling snow off the ice, and skating with friends were things we've done, and will be able to continue to do, because of the generosity of the Island community of Peaks Island. But there is more for us to do.  ...read more

Skating party video by Michelle Brown

This video was Curtis Rindlaub's response to learning that the Peaks Island's Ice Pond was in danger of being offered for sale and possible development. The owner, realising the importance of the property, approached the Land Preserve. The Island community reacted swiftly to our plea and raised the funds to buy the property and make a start to repairing the dam that creates it. A very special Island place has been protected to be enjoyed by future Islanders.