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Double-crested Cormorants at a Peaks Island Sunrise My first introduction to Peaks Island was in an old, rusty-tan island car driven by Carlos, who convinced me that this island was perfect for the sheer enjoyment of watching ocean birds. The Common Eider flocks at Spar and Wharf Coves sparkled on the clear ocean surface. However I wanted to explore the other equally beautiful islands in Casco Bay. Obligingly, Carlos transported me in his lobster boat to these islands. Our explorations via bicycles indicated that these islands do not have extensive shoreline access, as does Peaks Island, so Peaks Island was it – bird paradise. I became a Peaks Island Land Preserve steward for the Backshore w

Welcome to

The Backshore Bird Blog


The objective of The Backshore Bird Blog is to share the wonder and diversity of bird species seen along the Peaks Island shore.

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